Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation & Rambling

It's been awhile, I know...I've just recently returned home from vacation.  
Can you guess where we went?

To the "Happiest Place on Earth"! Disneyland!

We've been planning our vacation for a little over a year, knowing once school let out, we'd be packing and heading to California to see Mickey! It was so nice to get away and enjoy experiencing Disneyland with our kids!  The last time we had been to Disney, our daughter was 2 yrs old, well she is 10 now, and our oldest son was just a baby! Boy, time sure flies!!!

We all had such a great time seeing all the Disney characters, riding ALL the rides and taking in all the shows!  By vote, we all decided that our favorite ride as a family was in California Adventure, "The Hollywood Tower  Hotel"!  Yes, even my little 6 yr. old went on it twice and loved it! 

After spending 4 days at Disney, we ventured on a little trip to our old stopping ground, San Diego!  I've grown to really like living in Colorado, but I'm still a San Diego girl at hear!t I love going back and visiting whenever I get the chance.  This time we went back knowing we were going to take the kiddos to Lego Land.  I'm pretty sure visiting Lego Land was our boys favorite part of our whole vacation!

You know how it goes, it's always wonderful to get away and take a vacation, but it's so nice to be back home, and then once you get home, you feel like you need to take a vacation from the vacation you just had! LOL!!!

It's good to be back home and in my craft room creating once again!  I loved our family vacation and all wonderful things we were able to do, I'm looking forward to scrapping those memories!

I have created some projects since returning and I will share those soon.


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