Friday, July 30, 2010

My new Favorite TOOL

A week ago, I saw a demo of the i-rock at my local Archivers, and saw how easy this tool made putting bling onto paper. No need for glue or wondering how to attach the smallest of gems to any projects. The problem was, they had completely sold out. This tool is so "HOT" that I found it hard to even find online. Seems everyone has discovered how wonderful this tool is and it's in high demand.

This week I noticed my local Joanns was advertising a tool by Tulip called the "Glam-It-Up" cordless crystal & stud heat-setting tool. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! It looked exactly like the i-rock, even the same color! And it was 25% off which made it around $10.

I ended up buying the Glam-It-Up at Joanns along with a pack of Glam-It-Up glass crystals in multi colors. (you get 300 crystals)

This heat-setting tool is my new Fave when it comes to craft tools!!! It's so easy to use and it takes seconds to adhere crystal gems to anything. I highly recommend this if you are in the market for the i-rock and find it sold out or on back order.

Along with my new love for the Glam-it-up, I'm hooked on Sarah Kay and Precious Moments images. I love, love, love how adorable these images are, and how much fun they are to color and make cards out of.

Here are a few card I've been working on the past couple days. I can't wait to send these off to some very special people back in Montana. And yes, I used my New Glam-It-Up to add gems to each of these cards. With my new tool I was able to adhere gems to ribbon, lace, and paper.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where and What I've been doing

Want to know What I've been up to this Summer? Here's a glimpse at some of the things my family and I have been doing.
We've had a very busy, but Fun Summer! Can't believe Summer is coming to an end and school is just around the corner! (Yikes)

I hope you enjoy our journey!

***turn off my music player before viewing the video***

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Helping out a You Tube Friend

I know I've been MIA! Thanks for being so patient and still following me. I so badly want to share what I've been up to this summer, and I will but first I need to share this story.

My heart is breaking for a You Tube Scrapper,66msClaudia. Claudia suddenly lost her husband due to an illness and is left to raise 6 children on her own. To help her family financially, Claudia has sold a large portion of her scrap supplies and continues to sell items daily to earn money.

Claudia is an amazing scrapbooker. She is giving up so many things we as scrappers use to create pages/mini books with to put her family first. I pray when the time is right and God gives her the strength, that she will continue creating memories to pass on to her children.

Jade another You Tube Friend has a fundraiser going on to collect money for Claudia. She is collecting 10 handmade cards from whoever wants to help out. She will be doing a fundraiser buy selling them on her blog. The cards will be sold as a variety set and all funds raised will go to Claudia.

I wanted to create a FuN, Whimsy card, so I thought, why not SoCk MoNkEY's.
Be sure to check out Jade's blog for more information if you would like to donate cards or purchase a collection of cards.

Enjoy the video ~ It's short and sweet~
***Be sure to turn off my music player***