Monday, January 18, 2010

Sick and Stamps (not sick of stamps - LOL!)

Haven't been feeling well the past couple of days! I ended up at the doctors with a reoccurring sinus infection from Christmas time. YUCK!!! I hate being sick and I hate not being able to create. Today I'm finally able to get out of bed and not feel so blah!!!
Before I got sick I had been working on reorganizing my craft room. If you know me personally, you know how I love organization. Well, I wasn't liking what I was seeing in my scrap room, as far as how I had my craft items stored. I have collected new items and items from Christmas and I really hadn't found a new home for them, which was cluttering up my craft room.
I ended up reorganizing everything! I decided to just completely go for it and reorganize all my scrap supplies and just keep the items I truly love and that make me happy! I emptied out all my Making Memories storage jars and filled them with all my Prima flowers and ribbons. I just LOVE Prima! Who doesn't! I wanted to surround myself with only the items I always reach for such as my Glimmer Mists, Prima's, Bling, and my clear stamps.
About a year ago I organized all my clear and rubber mounted stamps into CD cases which I love. I noticed I had a collection of Studio G and Recollection wood stamps hanging out in my craft room taking up tons of space. I finally bit the bullet and spent about two hours demounting the rubber stamps and putting them into CD cases along with some of my new clear stamps. Wow! It's just amazing how much space wood mounted stamps take up, especially after I see the end result. Of course I'm not done organizing my scrap room yet, because I got sick, but I love how how it is looking and how I feel when I come into my craft room.
As soon as I feel 100% and I get my room back together, I plan on doing some videos on how I organize some of my scrap supplies. I hope by what I will share, I will make organizing your scrap supplies painless and fun!

Wishing you stay well and happy scrapping!

A pile of some of the wood blocks and packaging from my stamps that I reorganized into CD cases

My stamps organized into labeled CD cases


  1. Just wondering what you were planning on doing with the old stamp blocks now that removed. I had some that i recycled and put neat foam things on to make my own stamps and reuse them for multiple unique stamps. I buy the plastic boxes of foam shapes and stuff and create all sorts of different ones that can easily be removed and changed to make different.

  2. I wondered what you're going to do with the wood stamps. I love your organizing ideas. Seriously, it comes so easy to you! I love your title. I thought you were sick of stamps. So sorry you're sick and glad you still like stamps. Do you like only clear stamps now or do you still like the wood stamps too? I miss you! Beth