Monday, January 11, 2010

Mariposa Collection

I am floating on cloud 9! I finally found the Mariposa Paper collection from DCWV! It seems that Joann's is the only store carrying this collection and you can't even order it online. I have made several trip to my local Joann's since I first saw an add in my Feb. issue of CK magazine. I had no luck finding it trip after trip. Finally, I called a different Joann's in a different town, not too far away, and they had it! I rushed down and 40 minutes later The Mariposa collection was mine!!!! Yes, you could say I'm a little obsessed with this paper!!!! But it was so worth it and the drive! I love it! Here are a few pictures of just how beautiful the papers are.

Have a Happy Scrappy Day!


  1. Its beautiful...congrats!!! Have fun with it!!! I am STILL waiting for my Feb issue of CK...I dont know what is going on with them lately, I have been getting my magazines late...I am hearing all kinds of rumors =(

  2. wow I am so jelous , I haven't been able to find it and that stack is sooo pretty I have to have it , enjoy yours

  3. hi i am so pleased for you if not a little envious as we can not get this paper here in the UK not near me beautiful it looks. well done you for getting it and cant wait to see your creations using this paper. I love your videos they are fantastic..jan (tarotwisdom on you tube)

  4. Oh that is just magical, hope I can find it over here.