Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My New Embellishment Center

I've been on an organizing kick lately. I find it so much easier to create when everything has a spot and my desk/room is clean. I finally decided to reorganize my scrapbook embellishments. I wanted my most used products all in one place and close to where I scrapbook. So, after watching a few youtube videos and thinking about buying a clip it up. I decided that I didn't want to spend the money for a clip it up, so the next best solution was to try what everyone else who didn't want to spend the money was using. A shoe organizer!
Since the furniture in my room is black, I wanted a black shoe organizer, which wasn't easy to find. I ended up finding my shoe organizer at my local Walmart for around $22. It's not black but it looks pretty close, it actually called oil-rubbed bronze.
So far I'm very happy with how my new embellishment center looks! I ended up only using 2 tiers instead of three. I added some chipboard decorated with some cute polk a dot paper to each of the baskets as well as some cute polk a dot ribbon around the outside of the baskets.
For just around $22 dollars I found a great solution to organizing my embellishments.