Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gone too Long

Oh my goodness! I've been neglecting my blog, not by choice of course! My time has been so limit lately. I can't believe August is almost over, in away I'm looking forward to September. August is alway such a busy month for our family.

This year all three of my kids headed off to the same school. My little guy is in all day kindergarten this year, which gave me the opportunity to accept a part time position at the preschool I subbed at last year. Subbing last year was hit or miss, which really didn't disrupted our family, but after being a full time mommy for 9 yrs. and going back to work three days a week, our family is doing the best we can with this huge transition. I'm sure in a few months time everyone will be on track. Don't worry, I'm not giving up my blog or my youtube channel. I will need a creative outlet even more now! LOL! I have been able to create a few new yt videos this month among all the craziness.

I've made a goal for myself to create more 12x12 layouts. I started scrapbooking as a 12x12 scrapbooker, which over time has lead me to create mini albums, altered items, etc. I love creating and taking pictures and no matter how crazy life gets, I'll always find the time to capture our families memories!
Thanks for hanging around and not giving up on me.
Here is my most recent video.

**scroll to the bottom of my blog to turn off my music to hear my video**

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  1. hi I watch your videos on you tube and me and quite a few other ladies are very much interested in asking you to please post a video on the butterfly's that you have made , we have looked for them in your etsy shop and there was none at all, can you please do a tutorial on how to make those butterflys,? we would be so appreciative of it if you could please post the tutorial on how to make those butterfly's thanks so much in advance and have a pink rainbow day
    kindest regards
    georgia from ohio aka my pink rainbow on you tube