Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't Pinch Me! I'm wearing GREEN!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Here are a few photos I took this morning before my kiddos left for school.
They are so excited about today and about wearing GREEN! (LOL)
My daughter was so worried if she didn't have green on she would get pinched the whole day.

Are you wearing Green?



  1. Uh oh I am going to get pinched today! No green. Maybe I need to change that. haha. Love the photos! Your children are beautiful and so photogenic!

  2. Leslie, you really went all green on the kids, they look so cute. By the way I love your Birds of a Feather layout, simple but beautiful.

    PS. Put you on my list for The Versatile Blog Award, stop by when you get a chance.