Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween photo share

Halloween was such a blast this year! And the kids didn't even have to trick or treat in SNOW! The weather was absolutely gorgeous which made for a fantastic Halloween!

My week went a little like this.

Monday: A blur!
Tuesday: Nana and Papa came to visit from Montana.
Wednesday: Spent some quality family time with the grandparents and carved pumpkins together and hung out.
Thursday: Grandparents left, and I prepared some snacks for my son's preschool party on Friday.
Friday: Halloween started a few days earlier for me as I shuffled myself to all three of my kiddos Halloween school parties. Then off to the grocery store to prepare for our neighborhood party.
Saturday: Soccer game! Our son started the game out by making the first goal of the game! Way to Go EP!!!
Sunday: "Halloween night" Had our yearly Halloween neighborhood party. We invite a few friends over for dinner, hang out, then go trick or treating together as a group. Our kids love it! We usually spend two hours walking around the neighborhood with the kids, and that's only a few blocks! As usual we visited our neighborhood Haunted house, which never disappoints and gets better each year! All in all we had a great Halloween. Can't wait for next year to do it all over again! (LOL)

Halloween Photo share:

Photos of our neighborhood Haunted House

Our neighbors decorate their house like this ever year, but it never looks the same!

This scarecrow was real! He moved as if he was a robotic figure, but then he would jump off and scare the pants off of you!

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  1. They look so cute in their costumes. Those are huge pumpkins you got, did you use stencil...nice job. Why is it that tbe older the kids get, the busier we get.