Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy, Banner and Cards

Seems like forever since I've lasted blogged! Life has just been super busy. I'm back to work for the first time in 9 years! I'm subbing at a preschool and I'm loving it! In Sept. and this month so far, I've been called in a lot to teach. My director said I was more like her full-time employee! I feel blessed I can still for the most part still be a stay at home mom, but at the same time I feel grateful to be working when needed.

My kiddo's have been keeping me super busy as well. More busy than ever before!!! My oldest son is playing soccer which meant two practices a week with games on Saturdays. My daughter has been taking a rock climbing class which for the past month was every thursday evening, and my little guy had karate on Saturday mornings. With a few more activities mixed in and working, can see how my life has been super busy. Oh, and did I mention homework!

I did sneak some time in to create a few projects. I created a "FALL" banner to hang in our familyroom. Which I kept really simple. I think it turned out super cute and it looks great with all my fall home decor.

I also was asked to teach a card class at our church. The Ladies Ministry put on this class for ladies to learn how to create handmade cards. I created three different cards, which I felt were very simple but yet had various product used and techniques. I had a great time teaching and the best part was all the cards created were donated to the church card ministry.

I also created a mini book for a friend as a birthday gift. (sorry no pix) It's pretty fishy! It's a mini book in the shape of a fish.

Anyway, that is what I've been doing! I'm now gearing up for Halloween! School parties, our neighborhood Halloween party and some family coming into town. I'm hoping to be able to find some more time to create a few more projects before the month is over!

*Here are a few pictures of the Fall Banner I created and the cards I created for the card class. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful projects, Leslie! Wow, you ARE busy girl!!! It's funny cuz both my sons are in soccer, too so it's like double duty for me LOL and they are both starting karate next week. OMG! hehe! Then there's my 3 year old who thinks he's 6. LOL!! I'm so happy you had time to create and show us your AMAZING talent. Take care girl! :-) hugs, Ar :-)

  2. I really like how you used tulle to tie your banner, nice touch. And the onesies card is so cute. I always wonder how families with 5+ kids do it with so many activities. Congratulations on going back to work and loving it.