Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Confessions of a Messy Scrapper!

My name is Leslie and I make a mess when I scrapbook!

I've been busy the past few days putting together a birthday gift for a good friend. She doesn't know this, but she is getting a completed mini with photos from her birthday party. (unless she is reading this now)

We celebrated her 40th birthday the night before Halloween and had such a blast with all our wonderful friends. She had no clue our "costume party" was actually her surprise 40th RIP Party. Yes, you read that right. My friends have this tradition of throwing these fun 40th surprise parties and including a RIP coffin. This mini coffin gets passed around from friend to friend. Everyone who gets it has wrote their name in it as well as added an item to represent growing old.

As you can see from my photo, it can get a little messy in my scrap room when I'm working on a project. But it's all for a good cause! LOL!! I usually get to a point when I have to stop and clean up before I can start creating again. That picture was taken right before I decided it was time to clean!

I'll be posting pictures of the RIP album as soon as I get it finished, so make sure to check back soon.

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Your labor is in LOVE! I love this room of yours! It's encouraging and MOTIVATING for me!