Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Death by Chocolate

It's funny how life can get so busy! I remember thinking when my husband and I took our trip to Hawaii, life just seemed to slow down. Maybe because I wasn't waking up early starting my day running kids to and from school, taking kids to after school activities and still trying to do all my normal wife/mom stuff. I'm not feeling that well, might possible have an infection, but life must go on. All three of my kiddos aren't feeling 100% either, nothing serious, just dry coughs. Maybe some Chocolate will help...

I did manage to find some time to make these super cute candy bars.

Chocolate Mummy, AKA: Death by Chocolate

I got this idea from a youtube video I watched by Paper Jewels. These are super cute and super easy to make. I just bought a box of Hershey Milk Chocolate candy bars, wrapped them with white streamers, inked alittle on the streamers to make them look aged, added two wiggle eyes, than added a tag I made. So fun and so easy! I'll be giving these as gifts to the kids teachers along with some other goodies.

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